Live from #BrandifyIt2016: Local in the Post-Digital World

Mila Hose | Aug 26, 2016 9:51:58 AM

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Digital technology infiltrates every aspect of our daily lives; we use it as customers, professionals and as general human beings. We now live in a post-digital world where customers expect immediacy, personalization and follow-through. The post-digital world puts increased pressure on marketers. Today’s customers have been empowered by technology and it has led them to become entitled.

Customers have grown accustomed to the speed and immediacy of digital technology. They want something, they want it now, and if you can’t provide it with the speed and digital ease that they have come to expect, they will go and find it somewhere else. Post-digital marketers do what they say. Today, Collin Colburn of Forrester, discusses how marketers can get out ahead of the post-digital age and build customer loyalty with these 5 key tips.  

Adopt a Post-Digital Mindset 
Marketers need to be human, be helpful and be handy, said Colburn. In order to be successful in a post-digital world, local businesses need to abandon the advertising mindset and become accountable for following through on their brand’s promises. “Today, there’s no room for goofs,” warned Colburn. Part of adopting a post-digital mindset means putting customers in the driver’s seat and allowing them to control your brand’s direction.  

Be Human: Understand Custome Moments
Post-digital marketers ask themselves how they can understand customer problems, they strive to reduce the stress of customers’ decision processes and they work to consistently demonstrate their brand’s promise. Data is a huge facet of the customer experience and can be used as a way to understand the way that people operate and retrieve valuable information on when and where customers may need your brand. Data should be used to create systems of insight that close the loop between systems of people, processes and technology and allow brands to act on those insights when customers need it most.     

Be Helpful: Win Customers' Trust
Building trust between customers and your brand is one of the most important things you can do in this post-digital world. Once you have obtained a customer’s trust, keeping that trust and building loyalty should be one of your brand’s top priorities. Customers are no longer interested in seeing ads, and want to see what a brand will do to provide value and transparency for them.   

Be Handy: Engage with Customers in Context 
Location data enables marketers to engage with customers on their terms and provides a means for a more personal and socially relevant customer experience. “Being handy means being ambidextrous,” said Colburn. It means molding to your customer’s context, whatever that may be. Don’t ask customers to meet you halfway, go to them. Systems of engagement deliver one-to-moment, value-driven interactions through a contextual marketing engine.

Lead The Change
Location-based marketers have to lead their brand’s journey toward a post-digital world. One key characteristic of the post-digital world is hyper-adoption and hyper-abandonment, Colburn explained. While being a marketer means understanding new customer behavior, it is also the responsibility of marketers to lead the change for their brand to be successful in the post-digital arena. Millennials have a 30% shorter attention span than previous generations, and this alone should be enough to establish a sense of urgency for brands.      

Location is a great segway to becoming a post-digital marketer. Local is a great place to tune in to what your customers want from you,” said Colburn. Building trust with customers happens at the local level, and multi-location businesses have the opportunity to create longstanding relationships built on that trust. Local brands can be human, helpful and handy by syndicating location data, utilizing product inventory features on websites, creating local, value-driven visual content for customers to engage with and by using technology to make the customer experience as seamless and interactive as possible.

“What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say.” -- Ralph Waldo Emerson


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