Facebook's Long-Term Focus on Local

Damian Rollison | Jan 6, 2016 8:20:00 AM

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Facebook Local Search

It seems like every time Facebook makes a change related to Local, the industry sees it as the social network's last step in becoming the local search destination. But we have seen time and time again that while these updates over the past few years have surfaced and stayed live on Facebook, their importance or usage for users has not grown significantly at this point.

Today on Street Fight, I walk readers through the most recent Local sirens sounded off by Facebook, as well as the actual adoption by the network's users. It's safe to say that even while Places, Nearby Search and Professional Services all have a wealth of local data as backup, at this point it's all still part of a series of experiments.

While some have noted that Facebook is becoming the destination for online local searches, it seems we're still at a point where Google is still the default channel to turn to in order to gain relevant information needed. In the long-term, we can assume that Facebook will eventually become a local portal, but in the mean time, we are anxiously waiting to see what the next test for the network will be.

What do you think of Facebook's Local initiatives in the recent past? Will 2016 be the year where Facebook makes local data available and  easily accessible to users?

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