Facebook Page Update: A 5-Step Guide to Migrating Your Multilocation Brand’s Data

Edgar Estrada | Nov 5, 2015 12:43:00 PM

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Through its ups and downs, Facebook has always found a way to make name in the headlines. If you’re a multilocation brand marketer that gets alerts send to your e-mail, you may have recently been noticing more close outreach to brand you have most likely received an e-mail within the past week asking you to remove your company’s main address from your Facebook brand page. This may seem like a simple tweak on Facebook’s end but we suspect it has larger implications about the way Facebook is grappling Local brand presence for marketers.  This blog breaks down what the change is, how to update your locations, and what it means for the future of local marketing on Facebook.

So, what is the change?

Facebook, with its influx of user data, is seen as the top destination for marketers to reach out to social and mobile customers through Pages. The network now requests all Page administrators to remove address information on these pages. If not migrated in a timely manner, your reviews, star ratings and check ins could be lost or removed.

Facebook’s official  statement on this request was:

“Your main page...on Facebook should represent your business brand rather than an individual location. To make sure location pages are easy to find on Facebook, we’re asking admins who have a main Page with an address to remove the address by November 10.”

To ensure your brand retains check-ins, reviews and star ratings by following this these five steps:

Step 1: Go to your brand page and navigate to the “About” tab to remove all data from the “Address” field.  


facebook for multilocations


Step 2: If you are an administrator to the Brand page, refer to the e-mail you received from Facebook as seen below. Click on the blue button “Remove your main Page’s address and create a new location page”.

facebook for multilocations


Step 3: Upon clicking the blue button within the email, you will be redirected to to your brand's locations console. When you reach this destination, click on the link “..migrate its place information”

facebook for multilocations


Step 4: Upon clicking the link, Facebook will prompt the “Add New Location” interface prepopulated with the address information that appeared on your Brand page. Feel free to add a store code and a custom Facebook web address and click “Save”.

facebook for multilocations

Step 5: To verify that your checkin, reviews and ratings were transferred over to your new location page, check the Facebook manage locations console and view the check-ins header.

facebook for multilocations

One these steps have been completed, you have successfully migrated your location information and transferred your reviews, star ratings, and valuable local customer intel.

Future Implications

We believe this is a miniscule update, but part of a larger initiative from Facebook. It seems that the network is aiming to optimize their user's local-mobile experience. In fact, Facebook has left a trail of recent activity showing signs of this. This new update comes in junction with their recent verified badges for local business pages, their discrete partnership with Factual to improve location data and today the launch on their local insights tool. By pushing brand administrators to optimize their location pages, Facebook will limit the amount of users bouncing over to a competitor's app like Yelp or Foursquare and keep their audience on their site longer. Facebook is well on its way to establishing a connection between established local pages and connecting them to user data to make brands more organically relevant to consumers than ever before.

Once all of your location pages have been set up on Facebook, you will need to ensure these pages are pushing out relevant and engaging content consistently to your local audiences. For tips on how your multilocation brand can stay connected with its local audiences, download our whitepaper, The Enterprise Mobile-Social Guide.


The Enterprise Mobile-Social Guide


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