Brandify's Chris Stout Shares Ad Targeting Best Practices

Damian Rollison | Jul 30, 2020 1:09:41 PM

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In case you missed it, last week on Street Fight our own Chris Stout, senior director of client strategy at Brandify, shared a wealth of information about location-based advertising in a column titled "Hyperlocal Device Targeting Should Be Part of Your Advertising Strategy."

Location-based advertising, an approach that targets consumers based on their history of visits to particular stores, or in the moment when the consumer is at or near a particular store, is a powerful method for capturing high-intent buyers when the right message can turn a prospect into a customer in real time. 

The components of a successful localization strategy, as Chris highlights in his column, include:

  • Geofencing around physical locations
  • Tailoring creative messaging to specific store conditions
  • Building and targeting location-based audiences
  • Geo-conquesting (targeting locations of competitors)
  • Store visits as a measurement of return on spend

The column itself goes into a lot of useful detail about each of these components, so I encourage readers who may be intrigued about localized campaigns to check it out.

Brandify offers a highly effective localized ad targeting program to multi-location brands that makes use of the best practices Chris has outlined. Find out more or request a demo by visiting our Local Advertising page.

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Damian Rollison

Damian Rollison

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