Brandify in 2016: A Year in Review

Mila Hose | Dec 21, 2016 10:43:43 AM

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As 2016 comes to a close, it’s time to reflect on past achievements, current opportunities and future goals. This has been an action-packed 19th year in business for Brandify, and we are excited to share 19 major accomplishments as we gear up for our 20th anniversary in 2017.

With a growing team of technical and creative experts, Brandify has received multiple renowned awards in 2016.


1. We were honored with distinction for our innovative strategies and UX for our website and app at the 2016 Communicator Awards.

2. The Muse Creative Awards recognized Brandify for our for the website, Mobile App, “Are Your Local Pages Performing?” video, and 2015 Week of Cheer campaign.

3. Our design team walked away with three more AIGA awards for Brand Identity, Mobile & UI Design and Web Design this fall.

4. After helping a national retailer connect with local customers, we were ecstatic to close off the year with a Local Visionary Award for the Best Dashboard for Managing Local Campaigns.

5. We continued bringing home the wins with a Silver Golden Bridge Award for our interactive whitepaper “Small Data, Big Deal.”

Brandify released a plethora of new and innovative products to continue helping our clients connect online to offline.


6. Brandify Mobile gives brands the ability to manage location data, enhance their Mobile strategy and connect with customers using the Brandify App, Stack and Attribution.  

7. Native Review Implementation was released  to drive social proof and SEO value to local pages and locators. 

8. Brandify 360° helps our customers update their location data instantly across the Local ecosystem using an enhanced listings and syndication network and holistic approach. 

9. Google My Business (GMB) Insights have been integrated into the Brandify dashboard and provide Brandify users with configurable, multi-location roll-up insights.

Company Growth
As a company, Brandify grew in a number of ways, from the addition of new team members and clients, to milestone birthdays and more.


10. In 2016, we welcomed a total of 20 new team members to help support our expanding client base and foster the continued growth and achievement of Brandify products and services. 

11. To invoke more team learning, creativity and success, we moved to a new office in the heart of Anaheim.

12. Brandify acquired cognitive and mobile technology from the Irvine-based company, Smilefish. This has enhanced Brandify Mobile’s capabilities and further supported our Mobile-first clients.

13.  Our CEO, Manish Patel, turned 50 years-old this May. We celebrated his birthday in a true Brandify fashion with a mash-up appreciation video and Snapchat geofilter on Brandify HQ.

14. We hosted the second annual Brandify Summit and gave our clients the opportunity to connect with the industry's most prolific leaders while learning to build Local into their strategies. 

Moving Forward
In preparation for an even more successful year ahead, we will continue to push some of this year’s major initiatives and achievements. 


15. Brandify Labs was launched to give our clients a new experimental, mobile-first, incubation environment focused on connecting with the consumers of tomorrow.

16. Our CEO was elected to join the Local Search Association’s Board of Directors. Manish will continue to contribute as a board member and offer his countless years of digital marketing expertise.

17. Brandify organized the second annual Season of Cheer in order to give back to the community. We will continue to help cause-centered brands throughout the coming year and in the future.

18. We published a total of 7 different Brand Battles in collaboration with Street Fight Magazine across the retail, restaurant, automotive and financial industries, and will continue this series to highlight top industry performers in 2017.

19. Brandify is looking forward to celebrating 20 years of business in 2017. We are excited to continue providing exceptional technology and service in the years to come.   

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