Retail Isn't Dead: Innovation Brings Attention Back to Brick-and-Mortar Business

Brandify Team | Sep 19, 2014 2:16:00 AM

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An article was released this week in Street Fight announcing that Macy’s will be adding over 4,000 beacons to their stores across the country. They’ve partnered with Shopkick–a retail shopping app–to utilize the same beacon technology that Apple first introduced in 2013. ShopBeacon, their built upon version of Apple's iBeacon, "will allow Macy's to market at a more regional level before quickly tailoring data toward hyperlocal, personal marketing...(and) will allow for increased consumer engagement and promotional and marketing relevancy that will benefit customers nationwide."


We took a look at beacon technology a few months ago in another blog post, and our predictions have come true: Retail businesses are taking hold of beacon capabilities to engage consumers in a hybrid method of online, digital marketing and offline brick-and-mortar purchasing. By utilizing customers’ mobile devices and the geofencing offered by beacon transmitters, retailers can not only interact with consumers through their mobile devices but also customize and personalize the content that they receive when they are near or in a store.


Beacon technology itself is also advancing, as companies like Estimote and Infinity are adapting beacon transmitters to be smaller, thinner, and battery-less. An article by TechCrunch illustrates how these innovations are making beacons even easier to use in retail settings. Retail trendsetter Macy’s is clearly onboard, and we only anticipate seeing other multi-location businesses begin using beacon technology in the near future.


As we noted last week, we’re also very excited to see Apple Pay bring mobile payments to the forefront of the brick-and-mortar retail experience. People have talked about the opportunity of using mobile payments in retail, but Apple’s unveiling makes it seem like an achievable reality. This article makes that claim loud and clear with the title, “Mobile Payments Are Finally A Reality Thanks To Apple.”


The mobile retail experience continues to advance, and we can confidently refute the claim that “retail is dead.” It very clearly is not, as companies like Macy’s continue to innovate and realize the potential of digital and local marketing.


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