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The Best Store Locator Software Platform for World's Leading Brands 

Brandify has built best in class multi-location store locators since 1997, perfect for brands with 50 or more locations.


Brandify’s locator technology supports an average of 2 million local searches every month.


Top Performing SEO Locator for O2O Conversions

Optimize your brand's store or product finder to turn online searches into offline purchases.

Brandify’s store locator delivers a multi-channel local search experience when combined with Listings, Review Builder, Local Pages, ride-sharing, and social sharing as key integration points for online to offline (O2O) conversions.

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Frictionless Location Data Management

Brandify’s Locator Software puts control and automation in your hands.

Brandify lets you establish and control authoritative location data, the basis of all local marketing. Edit data, add multimedia content, and schedule openings and closings all in one platform.

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Outperform the Competition with Bots

Natural language interfaces will transform local search in the near future. Adopt early and convert.

Brandify’s Chatbot Locator Software allows your brand to become faster, smarter and personal allowing you to engage and convert store or product locator traffic more efficiently.

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Appointment Booking Made Simple

Bring convenience to customers and productivity to staff.

Effortless online booking workflows with automatic reminders help drive more appointments, reduce no-shows and give modern consumers the experience they expect 24/7. Manage staff, resources, and services all in one intuitive interface with multi-language support in any time-zone.  Customizable user interfaces create a seamless experience across websites, CMS, social pages, and more.

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Locator Features

Data Cleansing

We fix bad addresses, remove duplicates, and provide precise geocodes, ensuring your locator never fails to lead customers to your front door.

Responsive & Mobile Friendly

Deliver the best user experience putting mobile usability and design first.

Best Store Locator Designs

You have seconds to capture a potential buyer’s attention. Our custom designed locators extend your brand presence and create a seamless online to offline experience.

Multilingual & International

Brandify’s international locator helps customers find your products, services or locations in more than 20 different languages and across multiple countries.

Lead Generation

Use owned properties like your locator to capture potential buyers for re-targeting or email marketing. Customize how and where lead forms appear.

Coupons & Offers

Add location-specific offers, deals, and promotions to your locator and connect with local consumers. We support text offers as well as images and video.

Analytics (User Behaviors, Retargeting)

Locators can provide meaningful insights about consumer intention. Our analytics help brand marketers understand their audiences.

SMS Integration

Let mobile users instantly send store information from your locator to their mobile devices, simplifying the path to conversion.


Having a grand opening or special event? Promote your event in advance with scheduled updates.

Custom Fields & Categories

Brandify knows your brand is unique and we work with you to customize fields and categories that fit your business.


"One of our biggest challenges is tying together the user, online location information and the user actually going to that location. We’ve got to bridge that experience together better so it’s a whole end-to-end customer experience."

Charla Dumas, User Experience Manager


Frequently Asked Questions

Is using a locator platform better than building an in-house locator?

It can be tempting to try to save by creating an in-house locator but consider the tradeoffs. Aside from a basic search platform and navigation service, locators should provide enhanced services such as IP and GPS detection of user location in order to achieve peak performance. You must ensure that your location data is always up to date and accurate and that your locator conforms to Google’s latest local and mobile SEO requirements. Many companies find that the benefit is an effective lead generation of working with a locator specialist far outweighs the cost, though of course this decision will be based on your company’s individual needs and priorities.

How does Brandify’s Store Locator Software compare to others?

If you are considering a Store Locator Software platform consider the following comparison chart.

Locator Software Comparison for Enterprise

Does Brandify’s Store Locator support parent-child data relationships?

Yes, Brandify supports parent-child data relationships.

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