Brandify Network Expansion

About The Network

Brandify's robust network helps brands maintain and distribute online business listings for location data accuracy and consistency on major sites, search engines and applications like Google, Yelp, Bing, Facebook and more.  It also allows you to increase your brand's online presence through syndication to hundreds of sites.  Brandify has partnered with more than 200 prominent sites to ensure your brand is getting maximum visibility and is reaching as many customers as possible.


Network Additions

Brandify is committed to delivering the best products and solutions to power you with a strong local digital marketing strategy.  Our recent network additions will further broaden your brand's reach, and will provide you with access to prominent sites like:  

  • Brownbook
  • Cyclex
  • Infobell

Network Benefits

200+ Partners

Brandify provides you access to our network of more than 200 of the most prominent search engines, sites, online publishers, syndicators and applications.


Increased SEO

A strong business listings strategy will boost your search engine ranking so your company appears higher in non-branded searches on websites like Google and Bing.


Local Presence

Build a strong local search presence by displaying accurate, consistent data across a host of online channels, making it easy for customers to find your stores.

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