Google Short Names

Earlier this year, Google rolled out a new feature to let businesses create short names and short URLs for their business profiles. Just like the name implies, “short names” are unique, shortened names that are used to represent the business name, brand, location, or other description. With short names, businesses can create short URLs for easy access to their business profiles on Google.

In creating short names, Google is giving businesses a way to make their Google profiles more accessible to potential customers. Rather than remembering a long URL, or entering the business name into a search engine and scrolling through the results pages, customers can enter the short name URL into the browser bar and go directly to the business’ Google profile.

Short name URLs show up like this: “[yourcustomname]”

The short name URL redirects to the business’ search profile page on mobile and the Maps profile page on desktop.

Google Short Names

How to Set Up Short Names

To create a short name for your business, follow these steps:

Step 1: Sign in to your Google My Business account.

Step 2: From the menu, click “Info” and “Add profile short name.”

Step 3: Enter your short name.

Step 4: Click “Apply.”

Your short name will immediately be listed as “pending.” When it’s ready, it will appear on your business profile.

Guidelines for Short Names

  • Short names must be at least five characters long.
  • Short names should be associated with the business name or the name by which people refer to the business.
  • Google recommends including the location in the short name to make the name more distinct.
  • Short names should be simple and easy to remember.
  • If your first choice of short names isn’t available, try abbreviating your name or adding other descriptors.

Short names and short URLs can be used in promotional materials, like business cards, brochures, and posters. Another popular use for short names is for when businesses request reviews from their customers. (Click here to learn more about using short URLs for reviews.)

Although the short names feature is available for most merchants and business categories, it is not currently available for bulk users. Multi-location brands must claim their short names individually per listing. Brands with multiple locations should consult with a company like Brandify for guidance on how to set up short names in bulk.