The Top 10 Most Effective Digital Advertising Strategies for 2021

With a new year comes new strategies in digital advertising. Savvy brand marketers are leveraging the latest digital advertising techniques to acquire new customers, both online and offline.

If you are interested in transforming the way your business connects online, try these top digital advertising strategies:

  1. Hyperlocal Display Advertising

Local advertising is helping businesses identify, develop, and target customers based on their locations when using mobile devices. Using tailored messaging, brands are now able to connect with consumers based on their interests and behaviors in real-time. Hyperlocal advertising is the single best way to drive online prospects to click through to local pages and store locators.

  1. Paid Search

If you haven’t tried display search advertising before now, then 2021 is the time to do it. Paid search advertising delivers an incredible return on investment (ROI), particularly for those brands that optimize their campaigns for Google and Bing.

  1. Paid Social

With paid social media campaigns, multi-location businesses are able to target their existing audience segments, while at the same time also attracting new customers. Paid social campaigns rely on a strong mix of creative photos, videos, and written content. 

  1. Ad Attribution

What do you know about ad attribution? In 2021, we expect to see more brands connecting online exposure to real world behaviors. When this is done using the latest analytics platforms, brands can actually see the impact of online advertising by analyzing customer visitation patterns.

  1. Optimized Ad Creation

The development of a digital advertising campaign can be daunting, particularly for marketers that don’t have much experience using the latest platforms. Given the level of creativity that is now required to come up with an effective and innovative campaign, more brands are expected to use design services to develop their digital advertising strategies in 2021.

  1. Enhanced Analytics

Digital advertising and analytics go hand-in-hand. With the right analytics, brand marketers are better able to target their efforts and maximize value. Location-specific intelligence has only gotten more refined in the past year, and insights from Google, Facebook, and Yelp have become incredibly important for marketers that want to stay on the cutting edge.

  1. Holistic Approaches

The holistic approach to local advertising combines online and offline tactics, including hyperlocal display advertising, social media, and email campaigns. With the holistic approach, no single brand or advertising channel is more important than all others.

  1. Location-Based Insights

Granular insights from the corporate level all the way down to individual store locations are how top brands will stand apart in their digital advertising strategies in 2021. Being able to measure and score the digital strength of individual store locations through customer engagement metrics improves online location visibility and overall customer sentiment.

  1. Google My Business Insights

Google has played an incredibly important role during the Covid-19 pandemic, and brands have become more attached to using Google My Business to ensure online visibility. As multi-location businesses begin to execute their 2021 digital advertising strategies, expect to see more reliance on GMB insights.

  1. Strategy Planning

As digital advertising technology has evolved, brand marketers have had to step up their strategies. We expect to see far more brands working with top agencies, like Brandify, to develop comprehensive local search campaigns in the coming year. Working with an experienced planner is the only way for multi-location brands to realize the full potential of digital advertising technology in 2021.

To learn more about optimizing your brand’s digital advertising strategy for 2021, contact Brandify today.

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