Why Today’s Employers Must Value the Mindsets of their Employees as Well as Their Skill Sets

Manish Patel | Jul 30, 2015 12:58:00 PM

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Employers, you’re looking for a variety of skills when reviewing a resume or strategically positioning your team members. You already know that solid communication skills, the ability to research, and the flexibility to move between different roles are some of the most desired employee attributes, and that this list continues to grow year after year. However, research shows that it isn’t just about the words listed on a resume. In fact, 98 percent of surveyed employers said they look for mindset over skill set when searching for top talent. So, how can an employer possibly asses or screen something as instinctive as a positive mindset? Better yet, employers, how can you assist in actively cultivating the right mindset within your staff of skilled workers? Let’s dive in!

What the employee can do:


It’s true that the right mindset isn’t something that is easily developed, nor can it be taught. A mindset is the result of the worldview of an individual, and no two are exactly the same. As employees, you should be asking, “How can my skill set positively influence my mindset and vice versa?” You’ve spent years educating yourselves on how to complete tasks. The skills you’ve learned will help you accomplish your daily objectives, but now is your chance to push beyond meeting expectations, and instead, I encourage you to strive to exceed them.

Knowing your strengths is a great way to give yourself confidence, but analyzing where you can improve will put you in the necessary frame of mind to achieve both personal and professional growth. Think of your mindset as a voice—then listen and act on what it is telling you. When you combine your skills with the right mindset, you should hear something like, “I might not have this skill now, but I know I can learn.” Practice maintaining a consistently positive voice that drives your actions moving forward, and look for opportunities to learn new skills.

How the employer can help:

Now, let’s switch gears so we can figure out how to keep building upon a strong, positive mindset. Employers, you’ve done your part to find and hire the perfect candidate. You’ve asked the proper questions that test each of the attributes listed on an applicant’s resume and found the individual to be the right fit for the role. Yet you should understand that those skills will only get an employee so far. It’s time to start focusing on assessing the right mindset within talented employees, too. How do you do that? Well, one way to analyze the mindset of the person you’re interviewing is by figuring out what motivates them. Is it control? Security? Inclusion? Make sure their answer aligns with your business’ values.

As business owners, you are driven by the prospect of success and the passion to meet organizational objectives. Conveying that type of attitude to your team will boost their productivity because they will take that positive energy and use it as encouragement to excel in their specific roles. One way to affect a positive mindset within your team is to encourage innovation. Set aside time on a regular basis for “play” where your staff can come together for creative collaboration. You can also cultivate the right kind of mindset by supporting your employees through cross-training initiatives aimed at expanding their abilities. This shows your team that you’re just as excited about skill refinement as they are. It motivates everyone to grow, thus strengthening their mindset and yours.

When it comes to the skill set and mindset of a workforce, it isn’t about having one or the other. Working toward meaningful growth in each area will result in increased productivity and enhanced employee satisfaction. It is the employee’s responsibility to develop a mindset that will deliver value to the organization. Conversely, employers must foster a positive work environment conducive to individual and collective employee success. A workforce with the right collective skill set and mindset can make all the difference in today’s competitive business climate.

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