Understanding the Local Search Marketing Funnel

Damian Rollison | May 2, 2016 8:00:00 AM

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The traditional marketing funnel depicts the sequence of stages the eventually convert a customer. There are pieces within this funnel that point back to ways of how brand marketers can empower satisfied customers to buy again or share their experiences with their network. Especially when it comes to local search, finding a place in the marketing funnel and eventually driving this type of customer loyalty has proven to be challenging. 

Today on Street Fight, I explain how attribution services are working to concretely measure and link analytics with in-store sales, and how local search can drive offline. Each local service and channel represents an opportunity to be discovered by consumers searching for localized information. Read my findings and learn about how Brandify  is helping multi-location brands build loyal customers through the local search marketing funnel.

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Damian Rollison

Damian Rollison

VP of Market Development and Strategic Partnerships

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