Top 4 Practices to Ensure Your Locations Rank in Google’s Local Pack

Andrea Ramirez | Nov 18, 2015 1:25:00 PM

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“To be discovered, you must first be discoverable.” - Manish Patel

The condensed Google Local Pack makes it both harder and crucial that your brand shows up within their list. If you were ranking in slots 4-7 before, now you’re out of a highly visible area and at a competitive disadvantage. We’ve gathered our Local Search Experts together to pick their brains and gather the top 4 best practices to ensure that your brand is ranking on the top of Google's search rank.

1. Narrow down the category

When selecting a category a Google, it’s tempting to select all that apply in hopes of your brand showing up for more searches. And while that may be the case, we suggest that you narrow down the category choices on Google to ensure you are attracting the right traffic to your brand while also steering you clear of broader competition from similar pages.

2. Update your Google Listing Regularly

The easiest and most effective way to ensure Google indexes more of your content is to take a few minutes everyday to update your brand's Google+ page. By doing this you gain more visibility over your competition and enhance the chance your page is discovered by potential customers. Updating this content can be as simple as sharing content that you are already publishing on other branded social channels to your Google+ page.

3. Provide more visuals

It’s been proven that content on social media channels performs better when incorporating more photos and videos. Incorporating visual content in your Google+ posts allows your visitors to digest your content more effectively, and encourages them to share it with their own audience. And Google+ is one of the only social channels that supports animated GIFs without having to click them to play. This feature allows your content to stand out among static images, giving you an additional opportunity to grab your consumers attention and increasing the visibility of your profile.

4. Invite More Reviews

Reviews are playing a major role in the consumer decision making model and Google is now making them more visible in all of their newest updates. From incorporating Google+ reviews on AdWords campaigns to making your star rating visible within their Local Pack, it’s critical now more than ever that your page is garnering online reviews. For Google+ specifically your brand needs at least five reviews in order to provide an average star rating within Google’s Local Pack. Luckily you can encourage more visitors to write an online review by building your relationship with customers by directly engaging with reviewers on Google by replying to their opinions. By directly replying to your online reviews you will not only address the review writer, but also the prospects at large - thus encouraging more visitors to leave a review.

So what will it take for you to make the jump and start optimizing your local properties? If you need a guide, we’ve got you covered. Download our Google Local SEO Checklist to check off the boxes and get your presence local in check.

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