Top 10 Listing Tactics for Food and Beverage Brands

Damian Rollison | Jun 29, 2021 11:18:05 AM

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In the ever-shifting landscape of local SEO, it can be challenging to keep track of the latest developments and to ensure that your online presence is optimized according to current best practices. For restaurants and others in the food and beverage space, Google and other local publishers have launched several new features in recent months, from food ordering to rich menus, that can help savvy brands stand out from the competition. Food and beverage brands need to be aware, too, of the factors that experts agree are the most important for ranking well in local search -- and these factors have changed significantly in recent years.

In order to provide food and beverage brands with the leverage they need to outperform competitors, gain new customers, and dominate local search, we've published a new whitepaper entitled "Top 10 Local Search Tactics for Food and Beverage Businesses in 2021." The guide covers topics such as menu management, photo optimization, offers and promotions, and much more, offering a checklist for food and beverage brands to follow in order to improve local search performance. 

The whitepaper's release coincides with today's Brandify webinar, "A Guide to Product and Service Menu Management," which offers an even deeper dive into the critical topic of menu management for restaurants and other verticals. Even if you missed the live webinar, you can register to receive a recording by visiting this page


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Damian Rollison

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