The Power of Local Marketing Automation

Brandify Team | Jun 28, 2016 12:09:59 PM

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More than half of all mobile searches have local intent, and with over 76% of mobile-local searches leading to a store visit within a day of the search, there’s no question that local marketing has lucrative potential. For brick and mortar enterprise brands, having a local marketing strategy is imperative to forming a holistic customer experience.  The way your brand interacts with a customer along the buyer’s journey ultimately determines how that customer’s journey ends.  There are various local touchpoints along the buyer’s journey, including reviews, social media, local-mobile search, local landing pages, local listings and mobile apps. Each of these aspects is a part of the customer’s experience with your brand and need to be geared toward the buyer’s journey for customers to not only make a purchase within your store, but to become a loyal advocate of your brand.

On the path to purchase, your location data powerfully impacts each of these touchpoints and can ultimately determine the outcome of a customer’s journey. Will your location data accuracy and thorough reputation management strategy turn a lead into a loyal customer? Or will your inaccurate local listings and your lack of social presence force your customer to turn to a competitor? Harnessing the power of interacting with your customers on the local level starts with powerful marketing automation technology that can cleanse your data and help manage your social presence to meet your brand’s big picture. Read the full Marketing Land report to see how Brandify is helping brands create the ultimate customer experience through the power of local marketing automation.

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