Targeting Consumers on the Holiday Path to Purchase

Damian Rollison | Nov 19, 2015 8:34:38 AM

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With less than a week left until Black Friday, the rush of the Holiday season is upon us. The National Retail Federation projects $630.5 billion in overall holiday sales this year, a 3.7 percent increase over 2014. In my latest article on Street Fight, I explain the importance of engaging, actionable messaging and how this can be done through the mobile channel this holiday.

The holiday path to purchase is undoubtedly a fragmented route for many omni-channel customers, especially in the frantic rush of the holiday season. Ideally, a brand will exist holistically across all device to ease the friction customers face as they travel on this path. When a customer encounters a brand's basic data, this is the moment to differentiate and show users value in order to retain them.

As I mentioned in the article, there is no cookie in Mobile. It is up to a brand to ensure that so long as consumers are willing to share their location information in some fashion, the brand can reach out with valuable information at the time and place the customer needs it. This reduction of friction traces back to the fact that a brand has the proper tools to segment, analyze, and appropriately execute ad campaigns, promotions and offers based on this user data.

While all focus in brand marketing is shifting to mobile, we still see that tools like beacon technology and mobile wallets have yet to be adopted fully by both consumers and their favorite brands. If you are considering proximity for targeting customers this close to Black Friday and the holidays, reconsider your strategy to achieve and master this goal in 2016.

Read my full article on Street Fight to learn how your brand can begin removing customer friction using location-based marketing strategies.

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