Snapchat Geofilters: An Advertisement Guide for Brands

Mireya Prado | May 2, 2017 2:02:00 PM

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Snapchat Geofilters for Enterprise, An Advertising Solution

Brandify becomes a Snapchat Partner, Launching Enterprise Geofilter solution. As an early adopter of the Geofilter API, Brandify will immediately begin supporting multi-location campaign Ad management for enterprises.

Last week, Snapchat released a new API that will allow brands to launch sponsored Geofilter campaigns much more programmatically and efficiently. Testing On-Demand Geofilters has been easy for small businesses, one-time and one-location users but not completely scalable for multi-location businesses. Now, in partnership with a Snapchat Ad Partner, going through the Geofilter API will allow brands to scale campaigns to thousands of locations at a time using unique content. 

We have compiled a quick guide to help you understand how to advertise on Snapchat. Get to know the Ad network and consider the best strategy for your brand to connect with Snap's highly engaged audience.

A Crash Course on Snapchat Ads

We have often written about Snapchat's innovations, particularly when it comes to advertising opportunities for brands. From their stories to their sponsored lenses and more recently their snap to store (an offline attribution product). Every day, Snapchatters watch over 10 billion videos, and spend an average of 25-30 minutes on the app, according to Snapchat internal data. With stats that powerful, as an advertiser, you really cannot afford to ignore this platform for advertising. Looking to get started? Here is a crash course on Ad offerings along with successful Snapchat advertsing examples:

Snap Ads
Discover Ads and Live Story Ads are mobile videos, ten seconds short, that are featured in the Discover section of the app. Snap Ads are integrated with the "Swipe Up" feature letting users engage with more content. The attachments to Snap Ads can be an article, app install, long-form video, web view. Read success stories.

Sponsored Lenses
Looking to go viral? This feature may just be it! The price tag to for that viral effect is not a joke but when you can give consumers a laugh to make them adore you, it may well be worth it. Lenses use face-recognition technology as a way to get their audience to move from passive Snapchatters to active ones. Lenses are fun, creative, sometimes totally oddball but we love them. If getting consumers to love you is not a compelling enough reason for you, according to Snapchat, sponsored Lenses drive 3x higher brand awareness than traditional mobile tactics, as well as an average of 2x lift in purchase intent! Read success stories.

Sponsored Geofilters
Easily the most prolific shared content type by users, Geofilters are overlays on top of Snaps whether it be an image or video. The Geofilters are designed to let your network know details about what you are currently doing by sharing location-specific info. The Geofilter/s will appear for a user when they cross the fence around your location. The size of the radius for this fence can vary. For Geofilter success stories, read here

How to use Snapchat Geofilters The Geofilter API positions your brand's message to resonate better with local audiences. Geofilters are an excellent way to connect with local audiences given that it is a specially designed overlay that can only be seen by geographical location and time. The most important thing to note is the scheduling of campaigns by type, location, and location context. Here are ways you can leverage the Geofilter API:

      1. New Product Launch:
        Having a new product launch at your locations? Your partner/s locations? This event will be a great way to incorporate Geofilters with creative that is unique to that product launch and location.

        Special Deal's:
        As an enterprise, deals can vary across the nation, leverage Geofilters to highlight the most significant deals using culturally relevant creative to gain local reach for the deal.

        Grand Openings:
        Celebrate important milestones for your brand while involving the local community where the event will occur. Deliver the grand opening message with welcoming creative. 

        Special Day/Holiday:
        Whether it's celebrating a special day or celebrating a nationally recognized event, use Geofilters to raise awareness of the event.  

        Branding and Awareness: 
        Creating hype in-and-around the physical presence of your business will truly allow users to experience your brand both online and offline. Avoid the temptation to have generic creative, instead, approach it with local in mind.

Learn More About Launching Your Campaign 
As one of a handful of Snapchat Partners, Brandify now offers full Geofilter campaign management for enterprises. To learn more about Geofilters and how enterprises can leverage the just released Geofilter API contact us or sign up for our upcoming webinar!  

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