Real-Time Location Management for an On-Demand Economy

Mila Hose | Oct 26, 2016 11:27:43 AM

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We live in an on-demand economy where digital technologies have raised customer expectations and empowered them to make purchasing decisions within moments. Mobile devices, in particular, have created immediate access to nearly anything imaginable, which has led to a sense of entitlement for quick, efficient experiences among consumers.

Brands who complicate the customer experience with inaccurate or inaccessible data are at risk of increased local customer churn. To keep ahead of this high-level demand for real-time information and merge online to offline, enterprises need to put focus on the consistent distribution of accurate, cleansed location data.

The Challenge: Enterprise Listings Performance
Brandify evaluated random samples of high-profile national brands that are underperforming in location management and data quality distribution across key networks:

A major retail brand with nearly 4,000 locations nationwide had a problem with over 40% of phone number data across Google and approximately 90% of phone number information for  Facebook locations. As more and more consumers embark on holiday shopping missions, it is imperative that brands have accurate and complete phone numbers listed for customers who may like to call to inquire whether specific products are in stock or to ask about holiday specials.


A major Food Services brand with over 7,000 locations showed bad data quality on approximately 90% of its locations across Google, Bing and Facebook, with address and phone number information being off for close to 20% of these same verticals. Busy shoppers do not have the time or the patience to travel the city in search of your store location, and will be unlikely to give your brand a second chance after finding that an inaccurate address was provided on one of your local listings.


With holiday sales expected to increase by 3.6 percent and more purchase power being given to habitually mobile audiences, powering cleansed, updated information to customers is essential for a seamless customer experience. For enterprises, who stand to lose millions of dollars due to bad data quality, managing this type of information in real time is more efficient and allows corporate marketers to focus on further developing strategies to personalize and remain relevant to customers online and in store.

The Opportunity: Real-Time Location Management
Instead of settling for quick-fix listings suppression, enterprise brands need to focus on the core of location management stay competitive. Ensuring high quality location data and authoritative brand-owned listings means that a process for detecting, cleansing and deduplicating listings must be put in place for the long term.

With a persistent and controlled location management strategy in place, real-time location management can become a more streamlined process. During the holiday season with large volumes of location-specific seasonal sales, hours and business information is especially challenging for multi-location enterprises.

By updating data into a comprehensive location management platform, brands can leverage data to key publishers in the Local ecosystem. Corporate-level marketers can work in tandem with location managers using this same platform to alert consumers of any changes in data or promotions so that customers are aware of any changes or promotions in real time.

Measuring Effectiveness
Remaining relevant to customers during the holidays and beyond means that marketers must have a single destination to consistently analyze location management efforts. Having Insights in one unified dashboard can help to adjust and develop more strategies and continue to satisfy on-demand needs of consumers.

Brandify now helps enterprise marketers solve for the ever-changing complexities of the local ecosystem with Brandify 360°, our enhanced listings and syndication offering. To explore the power and robust capabilities of Brandify 360° Network partners, start a free 25 location Quick Scan.


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