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Diana Trinh | Mar 25, 2019 1:33:38 PM

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Notice something different?  Though some of you may have already been using the new dashboard since its launch last year, Google has officially removed the “switch to classic view” access from all users.

If you're confused about how to navigate the new dashboard to group or transfer locations, look no further! We will show you what's new and what has remained the same.

Old Dashboard


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The old version of the GMB dashboard featured 3 vertical tiles, allowing users and account managers to easily access their account summary, to-do, and confirm holiday hours.   

New Dashboard

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The new dashboard is more condensed and minimalistic. After logging in, you are directed to manage locations where you are able to view ungrouped locations. You’ll be presented with options to "Create location group" on the upper right-hand corner or “Add location”.

One of the main updates is the ability to search for locations across location groups. Before, users were restricted to searching by whatever location group they were logged into - now, it's more global.

Introduction of Create New Location Group

Though "Create Location Group" is not entirely new, the term that the classic view used was "Create a New Account."


When clicking on the “Create location group” button, you will have different options to choose from:

• Download: Locations or Insights

• Google Updates: Accept or Discard

• Transfer Location

• Mark as: Open or permanently closed

• Remove location 

Navigating the Dropdown


Another important feature is the dropdown that gives you the ability to view:

• All locations

• Published

• Not published

• Google Updates

• Permanently closed

• Suspended

• Duplicate

• Missing store codes

Our Thoughts on the New Dashboard

Our team and many of our clients had grown used to the layout of the old dashboard, so we're a bit sad to see it go. But on the other hand, the new interface is simple and intuitive and we hope it will make way for some exciting feature updates in the future.

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