How the New Wave of Social Media Marketing Created Jobs [Infographic]

W2GI Team | Sep 30, 2013 1:50:04 PM

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The social media phenomenon introduced itself in the U.S. in 2002, allowing Internet users to blog, share photos, and engage with one another like never before. In that year, Friendster opened to the public and grew to three million users in three months. A year later in 2003, Myspace entered the scene. Since then, Facebook has evolved from its 2004 roots, where it was only accessed by students at Harvard, to allow anyone 13 or older to join.

Whether you were 12, 17, or 25, someone probably once told you that you were wasting way too much time on the Internet using social media, right? Well, little did they know about its future.

To say that social media is constantly evolving is a vast understatement. Social media is a juggernaut, spawning not just dozens of sites that allow people to connect but also creating jobs in an unexplored niche, open to people who may have never realized they could easily become social media experts.

If you have a computer, like the Lenovo Convertible Laptop, smartphone, or newest tablet, you can get a job — and you can make serious money doing it. The best part is that experience isn't always necessary. If you work on your university's Facebook, run your sorority's Twitter, or have a blog or YouTube page with a large fan base, you're technically qualified.

While some companies hire in-house, moving ad specialists and other employees over to social media marketing positions, a number of businesses — especially small businesses and startups — hire students right out of college. They also look for Internet users on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social sites with astounding statistics who clearly know how to draw in viewers, readers, and consumers.

Realizing that four out of five small businesses rely on social media marketing and that 98 percent have their own websites, you can clearly see the potential.

Within the past five years, jobs in social media have increased by 600 percent. Those numbers will continue to grow every year, making social media marketing one of the highest employment prospects. Can you make this niche work for you?


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