Holiday 2017 Countdown: Are Your Locations Social?

Amber Kazalbash | Nov 22, 2017 11:44:29 AM

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With all the hype of virtual reality, augmented reality, new user technologies and the next wave of brick and mortar shopping—one area of marketing has proven to drive success and brand exposure over the holidays: social media. In the final installment of Brandify’s Holiday Countdown we are uncovering the opportunities to make your locations more social and more engaging for nearby shoppers.

Facebook Local 

The newest update to Facebook’s suite of proprietary apps, Facebook has rebranded Events as the “Facebook Local” app. After attempts to localize in the past with “nearby,” “marketplace,” and the network’s increasing focus on local search, the timing of this app is on the mark for the holidays.

An extensive aggregation of both brand-hosted and crowdsourced user interest data, Facebook Local rounds up the top places and to do’s for users, wherever they live. Small businesses are already jumping on this opportunity, as pop ups and nearby sales are surfacing for these sellers through the app. The simple interface can be adjusted by area of interest (shopping) and results can be honed in by date or date range.


What’s the takeaway for enterprise brands? For those who have brand and distinct location pages set up under their brand’s Facebook channel, utilizing Facebook Events will give Facebook Local users exposure into your locations sales and events throughout this season.

Instagram Product Features

In the Spring of this year, select retailers were given the opportunity to begin placing product tags within their photo and carousel posts on the app. In an effort to reduce multi-tap friction and user churn on the app, this method has increasingly become a viable option for high-profile brands with large followings to draw the line from exposure to in-store conversion.


Big box retailers and department store leaders are taking note of the purchase process as it roots in social platforms like Instagram. In the example above, Macy’s has tagged and linked to a product that has in-store pickup availability. This is a key consideration for brands who are able to use this functionality over the holidays.

Allowing this added convenience threads in the local layer that nearby customers are looking for, and makes your locations and their products all the more relevant to casual searchers on the social channel. Not to mention, implementing this type of product feature within your feed will deliver a new set of useful metrics to benchmark your success moving into 2018.

Snapchat Ad Targeting

While it’s no secret that brands everywhere are using Snapchat filters as a way to engage customers in-store, targeting can be taken to another level if Local usage is incentivized or heavily promoted. With this year’s Snap Map interface now integrated within the app, the more high-trafficked retail locations (that could be using your branded filters) are, the more likely a brand will be to get featured as a Hot Spot on the Snap Map itself or through the app’s search functionality.

Targeting and success valuation have slowly but surely become more sophisticated for advertisers on Snapchat. Those who dig deeper into how to make integrated campaigns with geofilters will be successful for this holiday season and moving into the new year.

Want to learn more about how you can get started with Snapchat geofilters? Ask the Brandify team by simply clicking below:


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