Hacking a Technology Stack for Local Presence Management

Mila Hose | Apr 11, 2017 1:45:44 PM

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The idea that data should be at the core of all marketing strategies is not new, but for those who depend on in-store attribution for profitability, data plays a unique role in bridging the online to offline customer experience.

Enterprise marketers who manage campaigns for hundreds or thousands of locations are presented with the unique challenge of juggling data from a plethora of sources, from social platforms such as Facebook and Yelp, to search giants such as Google and Bing, in addition to brand-owned properties like location-specific landing pages.

Read the full article below to learn more about how your brand can implement the following local marketing hacks for a stronger presence, both online and in-store.

1) Technology Stack Evolving Local Data

2) Hacking Syndication and Claiming for Local

3) Attributing Online Traffic to Store Visits

4) Cultivating Loyalty in an Economy of Infinite Choice

5) Turning Full Circle

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Mila Hose

Mila Hose

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