Google is Utilizing User Generated Content for its New Street View App

Amber Kazalbash | Sep 3, 2015 9:48:00 AM

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Saying it has been a big week for Google would be an understatement. First, a logo change and now a way to break the barrier of bringing ‘street view’ to the mobile experience. Marketingland has just reported that Google has released this new app will help ‘explore the world’ and ‘discover new places’.

At this point, we are seeing that this app content mostly features landmark-type areas like beaches, hiking and travel destinations, as well as  highways. But there is an obvious and seizable opportunity for brand marketers ready to take the next step in Mobile with Google.

User Generated Content (UGC)

The app has also formulated photos into ‘collections’ which put similar UGC and categorizes them.

Collections Google Street View App

Reminiscent of Instagram’s newest Place Search functions, this app brings top destinations to the forefront for mobile users. And it looks like it could have a great opportunity in helping businesses get found as well.

Lowe's Google Street View App

And it doesn’t just stop outside of your business’ entrance. This app will allow street view to enter stores, bringing about a more authentic, user-generated mapping that local searchers and potential customers will most definitely be looking through when researching your location.

Location Data

Leveraging individual users’ situational experience is half of the game in location-based marketing. The other half is making sure that your location data is capable of powering these experiences. First thing’s first, if you’re ready to make your brand known inside and out with this new tool, make sure your location data is claimed, consistent and accurate on Google. From there, the possibilities are endless.

Try it Google Street View for yourself and tell us what you think. You can now find us on the app too!

Google Street View App
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