7 Expert Insights on the Importance of Location

Amber Kazalbash | Sep 28, 2017 8:30:00 AM

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As the ecosystem shifts into harnessing and utilizing data to empower customers' every day decisions, the core of all relevance is location. Seven digital experts from this month's Brandify Summitweighed in on the opportunities of local, investment by key players (both brands and search engines), and what's next to connect with the next nearby customer. 

The Technical Opportunities
Personalization drills down to a brand's ability to leverage and target data to a person's most current circumstances. Experts agree that doing this through sophisticated (but necessary) SEO and ad targeting can make all the difference between your brand and its nearby competitors. 

Barry Schwartz, SEO Roundtable

Gil Elbaz, Factual

Investment by Digital's Biggest Players 
Today's enterprises are finally beginning to harness the power of local thanks to adoption from some of most authoritative channels on the user-facing web like Google and Yelp. These digital leaders are not only bringing local into the core of their product offering, but showing how doing so holistically supports a brand's online presence.

2yelp.gifSamira Rahmatullah, Yelp

Mike Blumenthal, Get5Stars

Current Brand Focuses
Now that brands are working with the localized processes on their digital channels, success is being realized. From search intent, to customer engagement and reviews, today's conversion has everything to do with localized marketing and connecting 1-1 with nearby customers.

5.gif                                                 Leading National Restaurant Chain

7greystar.gif                                                      Property Management Leader

What's Next
Every online channel is becoming a frontier for becoming more local. Brands that see the potential of AI, VR and the Internet of Things, must first lay solid groundwork by becoming a location-heavy, socially savvy organization. 

6venturebeat.gif                                                              Travis Wright, Venture Beat

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