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Damian Rollison | Mar 17, 2021 10:50:26 AM

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This is the third in our new series of monthly product updates, where we cover Brandify's most significant new releases and platform improvements from the last 30 days. We release new functionality, bug fixes, and improvements just about every week. Here are some of the highlights for March. We’re calling this our Shamrock Update. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Online-to-Offline Foot Traffic Attribution

Offline Attribution - BlogHave you ever wondered how many people visit one of your store locations after viewing your store locator or local landing pages, or seeing one of your hyperlocal ads? Now you can answer that question, using data Brandify has acquired through our online-to-offline data partners. With over 200 million mobile device IDs now at our disposal, we can help you better understand the impact of digital marketing on in-store foot traffic.

Real world visitation data allows brands to maximize marketing effectiveness by attracting and converting the right customers at the right time. For example, one of our retail clients is focused both on attracting and converting new customers and on re-marketing to existing rewards members. For this retailer, foot traffic attribution provides powerful insights that show which customers actually visited a store to make a purchase after viewing a landing page or seeing an ad. This information is used to personalize ads based on the location of the user and other demographic details. Using geofencing, we can target ads to users who are within a specified proximity to a store.

Foot traffic attribution from Brandify lets you form connections between online impressions and in-store visits. We help you optimize your digital marketing campaigns by capturing and analyzing intent signals across multiple touchpoints in the buyer’s journey.

Yelp Engagement Metrics

Yelp - BlogWe’re happy to introduce several new metrics to our reporting on user engagement with our clients’ Yelp profiles, including the following:

  • Check-ins
  • Bookmarks
  • CTA clicks
  • Messages
  • Photos

These metrics have been added to an already-rich dataset of Yelp engagement statistics that includes searches and views as well as actions such as clicks to call, clicks for directions, and clicks to the business website. With the addition of these new metrics, clients will be able to analyze the effectiveness of Yelp optimization campaigns and gain a better understanding of how consumers are interacting with store locations on Yelp. Users can also easily assess relative levels of engagement on Google, Yelp, and Facebook, all of which are now represented by a rich set of metrics.

Partnerships with and RateMDs

Health Care Partners - BlogWe’re expanding our reach in the healthcare sector with our new directory partners and RateMDs. These popular sites offer informative profiles of healthcare providers and medical facilities, and are relied upon by millions of patients seeking accurate, up-to-date information on local healthcare services, as well as ratings and reviews. 

Nearly 3 million visitors search for providers each month on, which also offers news and information on a wide variety of health-related topics. Users can seek information on healthcare providers in a range of disciplines, as well as hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities. Profiles on offer contact information as well as services offered, provider credentials, and reviews from patients. Brandify clients will be showcased with Featured Profiles, including a special badge, priority placement in search, and other exclusive features. 

RateMDs offers more than 4 million ratings of doctors and medical facilities, and is trusted by millions of people seeking up-to-date provider information as well as recommendations from fellow patients. Some 250,000 patients connect with providers every month on RateMDs. Profiles offer detailed information to patients looking to compare providers and facilities, including a recently released telemedicine badge that helps patients quickly identify providers offering virtual services.

Brandify’s expanded listing management offering for healthcare now includes, RateMDs, CareDash, and DocSpot, in addition to important platforms like Yelp, Bing, Apple Maps, and Google My Business.

Zapier Integration for Location Data Management

Zapier - BlogZapier is a popular platform for automation of workflows between web applications, offering support for more than 2,000 applications. Brandify now offers Zapier integration for location data management, whereby Brandify clients can enable interactions with any supported web application. For example, clients utilizing our Zapier integration can connect Salesforce with the Brandify platform to update Brandify location data when changes are made in Salesforce. Many other types of workflow integration are possible, with supported Zapier applications including Google Data Studio, Eventbrite, Infusionsoft, Hubspot, SurveyMonkey, Asana, OneDrive, Slack, Mailchimp, Zendesk, Zoho, Amazon S3, Dropbox, mySQL, and GitHub. Workflow automation can greatly reduce the level of effort required to keep data synchronized between systems. 

Rollout of Scheduling Solution

Scheduling - blogLast year, we announced a partnership with Mono Solutions to provide online scheduling functionality for integration with Brandify locators, local pages, and online profiles. We’re proud to report that several clients are now using Mono-powered scheduling tools, enabling their customers to quickly and easily schedule appointments for a variety of use cases. An especially popular use case is personal shopping appointments at retail stores. These appointments are generally scheduled before or after regular store hours, and offer customers the option of avoiding the crowds and getting personal attention from staff. Zoom-based virtual appointments have also proven to be a popular option for some brands. 

Advanced Location Group Filters

Location Groups - BlogBrands with multiple locations have seen numerous benefits in being able to group locations in various ways within the Brandify dashboard, according to criteria like management structure and geography. Location groups allow brands to view performance metrics, reviews, social mentions and more for any set of related locations. Responding to requests for additional flexibility, we’ve released an improvement that allows the user to create on-the-fly location groupings by combining groups. For example, an account that groups locations by state and by line of business can now create an on-the-fly grouping that correlates a specific state (or list of states) with a specific line of business (or multiple lines of business). This advanced filter is customizable according to any grouping criteria the client would like to implement. 

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