Brandify June Product Update

Damian Rollison | Jun 16, 2021 9:00:12 AM

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Every month, the hardworking Brandify engineering team releases bug fixes, performance improvements, and new features that help to make the Brandify platform as effective as possible for our valued customers. Here are some of the highlights from our most recent releases. This week’s California heat wave has us thinking towards summer, which officially begins with the arrival of the Summer Solstice on June 21 -- so we’ll call this our Solstice Update. In the words of the Beatles (it’s also Global Beatles Day on June 25), here comes the sun!


Location Health for Apple Maps

Apple Maps_BlogGlobally, there are more than one billion iPhones currently in use, which means that millions of users every day turn to Apple Maps for navigation needs and business information. Apple Maps has been a closed system for much of its existence, presenting challenges to companies like Brandify whose reporting and managed services help to ensure that our clients’ business profiles are up to date and accurate on every major site and app. With help from the Apple team, we’ve been able to introduce a major improvement to our Listing Health reporting. We can now report on the ongoing data accuracy of Apple Maps profiles, giving clients visibility into this important channel and providing our operations team with a powerful tool to assist in listing correction and maintenance.


Hyperlocal Recruitment

Traffic_BlogAs an innovative extension of our hyperlocal advertising services, we recently launched a campaign for a major retailer aimed at attracting prospective employees for new store locations. This hyperlocal recruitment campaign was targeted to visitors at nearby stores and users in surrounding areas who met the brand’s defined criteria. The campaign was able to attract a significant number of qualified applicants, greatly easing recruitment and bringing a new level of efficiency to the store opening process.


Google Analytics: Improved Custom Property Support

Google Analytics_thumbnailWe rely on Google Analytics every day, as do our clients, to provide a wealth of information about store landing pages, including the behavior of users, performance against campaign goals, and sources of referring traffic. But for some clients with complex URL structures, setting up Google Analytics reporting in the Brandify platform was not particularly user friendly. To enhance that user experience, we’ve launched improved support for custom URL properties. Now, we can easily associate any custom property, represented as a field in the client’s location database, with a component of the store landing page URL. This flexible solution makes client setup more efficient and speaks to our continued commitment to serving the needs of multi-location brands.


Custom Review Filters

Custom Review Filters_BlogThis improvement is a great example of ideas arising from clients that end up benefiting everyone who uses the Brandify platform -- one of our favorite sources of input for new feature development. A client pointed out to us that it would be useful to be able to segment reviews by custom properties in their location database, such as KOB, area, or region. With our new custom review filters, any field in a client location database can be used to segment reviews, offering wide flexibility in how clients assess incoming reviews, delegate review response tasks, and analyze reviews by internally meaningful segmentation. Clients can easily configure and save custom review filters by choosing “Add Filter” in the filter bar on the Reviews tab in the Brandify dashboard. Soon, we’ll add support for custom filters to review alerts as well, allowing clients to segment alerts by any subdivision of locations defined in the client database.


Topic Monitor for Instagram

Topic Monitor IG_BlogWe’ve revamped and relaunched our support for monitoring Instagram feeds as part of our Topic Monitor product. Topic Monitor helps you capture and analyze social media content based on any topic of interest to you and your brand. With Topic Monitor, you can capture mentions of brand-relevant topics in Instagram hashtags and photo captions, helping you gain an awareness of relevant conversations on this important social channel. The integration of Instagram in Topic Monitor complements our ability to incorporate custom Instagram feeds in local landing pages, helping to connect site visitors and brand loyalists with branded social content.


Brandify Category Taxonomy

Brandify Category Taxonomy_BlogThe importance of the category or categories associated with a brand’s online profiles can hardly be overstated. Search engines use categories as a primary indicator determining which search key terms are relevant to your business. That’s why we take category selection across our clients’ managed profiles so seriously. We’ve created a proprietary taxonomy that maps the category sets of all publishers in our network to the categories selected by our clients, ensuring that your online profiles consistently display the optimal category for your line of business, and making it easy to evaluate the impact of category selection and category changes.

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