Brandify July Product Update

Damian Rollison | Jul 23, 2021 9:56:45 AM

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Just about every week, the Brandify team releases bug fixes, product improvements, infrastructure updates, and new features, all designed to ensure that our platform delivers the best possible service to our clients and gives them the tools they need to dominate local markets through digital channels. Here are the highlights from the last month’s worth of releases. Generally, we name these monthly product updates after holidays, and yes, July is the month of Independence Day, but doesn’t that seem like a while ago already? Instead, we’ll reference the upcoming International Day of Friendship (July 30) and call this our Friendship Update.

Brandify Partners with LCP360 for Virtual Tours

Brandify Partners with LCP360 for Virtual Tours_BlogBrandify has partnered with LCP360 to provide virtual tours for business locations. Tours can be published to Google My Business profiles or to the business website. With a decade of experience providing high-quality photographic solutions for a variety of industries, LCP360 has been a Google partner since 2013 and is one of the largest Google-certified photography agencies in the world. GMB profiles that incorporate virtual tours from LCP360 see, on average, a 30% improvement in customer engagement, measured by actions such as clicks to call and clicks through to the business website. Brandify clients can make use of LCP360 services to enhance the digital experience of multifamily properties, showrooms, hotels, restaurants, or any other type of business location. 

Period-over-Period Metrics for Local Pages

Period-over-Period Metrics_BlogWe’ve added a period-over-period comparison option to our local page reporting page, similar to the period-over-period tools on some other dashboard pages. Any Brandify client that has local page insights enabled will now see an option to compare metrics for two date ranges. Period-over-period comparison allows clients to quickly view metrics for two seasons, years, quarters, or campaign periods side by side, to assess changes due to performance improvement, seasonality, and other factors such as pre- and post-pandemic engagement. Data for both periods can also be exported easily using the export tool at the top right of the page.

Improvements to Zendesk Integration

Improvements to Zendesk Integration_BlogA while back, we launched Brandify Reviews on Zendesk, an integration with the popular helpdesk platform that lets teams easily manage inbound reviews and responses as part of their Zendesk customer support workflow. (You can see our listing in the Zendesk App Directory here.) Due to the popularity of this service, we’ve had a few requests for feature improvement, resulting in this month’s release of enhanced review metadata for Zendesk. We now include additional identifying details like the client store ID with each review, making it easier for client teams to link reviews to the appropriate store and staff members so that responses can be properly personalized and customer feedback can be relayed to the appropriate staff members.

"Contact Administrator" Feature

Contact Administrator Feature_BlogOur clients whose locations are managed independently, and whose location managers are responsible for tasks like updating hours and responding to reviews, wanted an easy means whereby location managers could request assistance or feedback from admin users on the corporate team. To meet this need, we’ve added a “contact administrator” interface that makes it easy for location managers to generate a message of any kind simply by clicking an icon on the corner of any dashboard page. This new feature streamlines communications from location managers to corporate teams.

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Damian Rollison

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