The Augmented Reality of Shopping: Project Tango, aisle411, and What It Means for Retail

Brandify Team | Jul 3, 2014 2:34:13 AM

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We’ve been glued to our screens these past few months as the heavy hitters of the tech world have been showcasing all kinds of new technology and innovations at their annual conferences.


Google I/O had plenty of exciting and intriguing content to reveal (a virtual reality viewer made out of cardboard and your smartphone–how cool is that?): Their announcements from ATAP, Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects lab, prompted plenty of discussion with their reveal of Project Tango and Ara.


We’ve been particularly intrigued with Project Tango, especially after hearing that Google plans to team up their new technology with aisle411 to digitally map out the interiors of stores to enhance the shopping experience of customers. The 3D in-store maps are fully interactive and can pinpoint a person’s location within the store down to the centimeter–more accurate than traditional mapping because aisle411 doesn’t use GPS but instead a combination of motion-sensitive hardware, cameras, and depth sensors to map and track the 3-dimensional motions of an individual holding the device.


aisle411’s website describes their product as “The Future of Augmented Reality Shopping,” and we definitely see the potential when we look at how it can engage shoppers on a mobile level while in-store. Using a mobile device, customers can be guided to desired products more efficiently while also encouraging them to explore other parts of the store and discover items that they might not have previously seen or thought to buy. The technology is already being tested in a partnership with Walgreens, and the following video further illustrates the possible applications available to brick-and-mortar locations:

We’re impressed and excited to see what this could mean for the future of brick-and-mortar retail and the possibilities available to the mobile and digital markets. If you watch the video introducing Project Tango project lead Johnny Lee closes out the video declaring, “The future is awesome,” and we couldn’t agree more.

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