Where 2 Get It's "The Local Search Challenge" eBook

Brandify Team | Jun 2, 2014 7:38:50 PM

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Where 2 Get It put together the following report which provides business owners with a deep dive into Local Search and the impact of properly implementing an integrated social, local, and mobile strategy into existing marketing efforts. In addition, we provide an introduction to the Brandify Platform and discuss how it compliments Where2GetIt’s fully featured, multi-channel digital marketing platform designed to convert online traffic into offline foot traffic.

"Will this eBook be relevant to me and my business?"
1. Is your company still struggling to quantify your return on investment for digital?
2. Does your business have trouble converting online traffic into offline traffic?
3. Has your business been damaged by negative social reviews?
4. Has your company lost sales based on misinformation online?
5. Are your customers heavily reliant on mobile devices?
6. Does your business have multiple retail locations?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, our eBook can help provide some insights to help apply the appropriate strategies.

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Brandify Team

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