2 Key Takeaways from Wisitafest 2015

Margaret To | May 22, 2015 12:25:37 PM

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I was able to attend this year’s WistiaFest on behalf of Where2GetIt this year. It’s an awesome conference designed for marketers looking to learn the ins and outs of video, social, and content creation. Here are a few key takeaways from some of my favorite keynote sessions:

Takeaway #1: Learn From Your Failures, Measure Your Successes

When you are a marketer looking to strengthen the presence of your brand, trial and error is inevitable. One of my favorite keynotes during WistiaFest was with Wistia CEO Chris Savage (@csavage), who explained the importance of picking yourself up after failure:

“Don’t obsess over success or failure of individual projects.”

Especially with video and content marketing, creating a strategy is far from easy. Often times, we can get caught up in the lows of failure instead of being creative with what these failures teach you. In marketing, analytics are the key to solving problems and creatively strategizing your campaigns moving forward. Make sure to learn from these failures, proactively track the right things, and continue giving valuable, creative content to your target audience.

Takeaway #2: Find The Right Networks and Platforms for Your Brand

Phil Nottingham ( @philnottingham ) said it best when he said, “When you think platform first, you make better, more focused content”.

The fact of the matter is that social video is NOT television and the best way to push out content is by first strategizing the creation of it. Whether you’re a national brand in the retail industry or a technology company like Where2GetIt, as Ann Handley (@marketingprofs) mentioned, think of your content as a way to both attract and filter audiences. Keep in mind that you need to be pushing to the right people, and by association, the right networks. Do the research and find where like-minded users will want to engage with your content. When you are creating your content, make sure to incorporate elements that make it specific to the networks you choose to publish your content on.

Here at Where2GetIt, we all appreciate the time and effort it takes for other marketers to share their tips and tricks with us, especially through video content. Video is a powerful way of storytelling, and helps us serve our clients and help them better connect with their customers. Thanks to everyone at the Wistia team for having us!



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