Why Brandify Is Different

An easy-to-understand score functions as a quick "brand report card"
We've built a sophisticated scoring model that takes into account over 80 data points to create a score that not only reflects how strong your brand presence is in absolute terms but also provides a benchmark for your efforts compared to others. This score provides a gauge of your starting point as well as measures your improvement over time. Think of it as a simple brand report card, for those of you who desperately miss those school days.

Consolidating online accounts and related activity saves you time
By consolidating online accounts from across the web, Brandify saves you a tremendous amount of time. Instead of jetting around the internet and logging into dozens of separate services to monitor how customers are engaging with your brand, you can do it in one place. Now you can actually reach more customers on the internet but spend less time doing it!

Straightforward recommendations make marketing online easy
Whether you’re looking to learn more about where you should be online or you just want to fine tune what you’re already doing, we’ve got you covered. Our easy-to-follow recommendations help you to both reach more customers and enhance your brand in very practical ways.

Start your free trial and see how Brandify greatly simplifies online marketing
It’s truly as free as the air. Free as a bird. Free as a wad of gum stuck under a park bench….Really, there’s not much to say about this — as you can tell. Start your free trial without any strings attached. We are confident that you’ll come to love Brandify and all we have to offer. We want to make sure small businesses have the tools they need to succeed and continue being the growth engine of our economy. Pretty awesome, no?