Customer Stories

"I stumbled upon Brandify 3 months ago when I started up my website Grafx Exchange Portal. Being a cautious person at first I thought this site was just another site to take your money, and give you very little back. But this was truly not the case. Reviewing my status through received emails from Brandify has helped me to increase my social network coverage beyond all other avenues I've signed up for, and Brandify is free. I would also like to mention that I had an issue with getting my Facebook account linked here. The staff responded to my input before I had even got home from work.... I was blown away.. What else can I say...Thank You...Thank You...Thank You!" Thomas Black Grafx Exchange Portal
"We love Brandify. Our Brandify score has increased to 773 in a very short time and we are seeing increased sales coming in from new channels….Take advantage of this amazing resource and sign up for Brandify. It’s free, it only takes minutes and it will clear up many mysteries of social media….Brandify has improved our company visibility tenfold." Daniel Rosen Credit-Aid Software
"Brandify provides easy ways to improve your digital presence. The tips were extremely easy and we’ve seen a renewed interest as more and more visitors are using local search engines and social media to find our museum." Leslie Perovich ExplorOcean - Newport Harbor Nautical Museum
"Even if you think you know that you are using all the resources you can, that more than likely you are not and should check out Brandify to make sure." Rusty Pruden Rusty Pruden Endurance Coaching
"Brandify is a free way that you can help get a kick in the butt to update your digital properties - a really cool tool to use." Elizabeth Case Yellow Dog Consulting